KARACHI HARDWARE TRADING LLC is a medium size entrepreneurial conglomerate in the Middle East. Our strategic advantage lies in our ability to create value by repeatedly developing business sectors which are focusing on day to day needs for our homes and businesses. We derive our strength, agility, and expertise from decades of operations, the relationships we have nurtured, and the reputation we have built over the years. These continue to be our most valuable assets.


Karachi Hardware Trading's cooperative business model is reflected in every facet of company culture. The company’s efforts to foster success, a sense of pride and common purpose, have inspired KARACHI HARDWARE to stay in their chosen business. This longevity is also remarkably present among Karachi Hardware’s dedicated staff, lending tremendously valuable experience and continuity to the company's daily operations.


Suppliers of the thousands of quality products offered by the company are also vital to the success of this nationwide business community. Their cooperation, innovation and collaboration - both at the corporate and Dealer level - have helped KARACHI HARDWARE’s unique company model continue to succeed over time in a challenging industry.

Karachi Hardware has always been confident and secure in the future of their business - with shared buying power, expanded advertising, comprehensive inventory, delivery and other resources. They haven't stopped building their businesses and serving their communities since the very beginning.



To be recognized as the leading building materials supplier in the region.


Supplying high quality products at competitive market prices while also providing excellent customer service.